A mostly successful art installation-Luminata

A mostly successful art installation-Luminata

I presented this proposal 2 1/2 weeks before the event. I was accepted into it about 1 1/2 weeks before it. I got to work right away.

2018 Luminata proposal -from below


2018 Luminata-proposal-from above

Here are the pics of Frank & I creating the project. I could not have done it without him, I’m not exaggerating. He was amazing on timing, fixed things I made mistakes on and thought up these bases from my pics above. I <3 him. 

Frank made this base by pouring concrete into the ground to make this organic shape. He did an AMAZING job! I seriously can’t even lift them.
Frank making the frames for the pads to sit on
They were drying all over the house. It was kind of crazy once they were gone.

Mock up with main flowers
This gives an idea of scale. The largest flower is about 18″. The blue and green to the right are the streamers drying before they were cut up.

I was given the location close to the Bath House Theater, along the water, at Greenlake. Greenlake is a pretty big lake and they had lots of events going on at the same time all around it. It’s a neat event and kind of like going to a parade where you’re the one walking around. There are also parades riding around the lake on bikes, at the same time. I recommend checking out pics of the entire event, I wish I could have seen the rest!

I didn’t choose where to set up that well. I wish I would have gone with my first location of on the beach, but I wanted people to be able to walk under it as well. It was kind of squishy and dangerous to be on the beach and hard to get to. Also, it turned out to be someone’s night time sleeping spot, ha ha. So it’s still up in the air as to whether that would have been a good spot. The only bonus of having it on the beach was that you could see it from above, like the water lilies were actually on the water.

Here are the pics of the event as well as pics Frank and I took in our backyard from above since we couldn’t get them at the event. Make sure to watch the very short videos (10 seconds or so) to see how windy it gets in the PNW when the sun goes down (the first one is during a calm time)


This made me laugh all the way home. I drove behind while they stayed on pretty well and Frank got all kinds of weird looks. SO funny!

So, why was it partially successful? It was a little too subtle when it became really dark. There was a sweet spot from around 7pm to 8:30pm and then it was just so windy and also hard to see. I’m still 100% glad I did it, I’ve wanted to do something like this for around a decade. Jenn from the Fremont Arts Council was so wonderful to work with too, I hope that happens again and thank you!

Super special shout out to Agnes & Jeff for coming out to see it. She had had an especially active day (48k+ in steps by the end) and they were troopers. We had a great time getting food with them and <3 them both so much! Also Frank, you’re awesome and thank you, I love you.


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  1. Oh, this is so beautiful it has made me cry! I wish I could have seen it for myself, with the wind blowing through my hair and my eyes squinting to adjust to the changing light. I love it.

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