Chicago – City Big City 1962

This was for a poster contest in New York, I haven’t heard anything so I assume I didn’t place, ha ha. It was a fun little project to try and do a 60’s style, regardless.  Heads up, it’s only 30 seconds long. 🙂  

The Zoo!

I think we were lucky to catch the red panda while he was eating. I know it was a guy because they announced they are keeping the mom and babies separated. Yes, I said babies! I hope we get to see them soon! And now your moment of Zen…

Round 2 of Monet’s Escapes – “Escape Monet’s Bedroom”

Note: I accidentally posted this on my old wordpress and couldn’t delete it everywhere without annoying everyone. I’m just posting it here since people might only follow this one. Thanks for understanding and I apologize if it accidentally posted twice. This one took me a LOT less time, I started a week or so after

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Escape with Monet-A game for quiet nights and train rides.

This is one of the reasons I haven’t been posting much. Turns out, learning to make a game is hard. 🙂 I had a few projects and a few personal things come up along the way too, but learning Blender (a free modeling program that has a very non-intuitive, user interface) and Unity took at least 5x more brain power than I was used to. It’s a different way of thinking. I was thankful for a plug-in for Unity that helped me not to have to code (yay!) and I was also thankful for Isaac Lundgren making awesome tutorials.

It also may seem like I’m a flibberty jibbet. I understand, it would be easy to think that since I bounce around to different mediums quite a bit. If you think of it more that I like to create experiences, then it makes sense. Every single project I’ve done has been for the intention that the viewer/player will have a new way of looking at an art/time/place.

Here is the first of a few games I’m going to make. I will make a garden game to accompany Monet’s home. I will also probably make a Kahokia game. I did SO freaking much research for that project that it would be a shame to waste it. We’ll see where this all takes us. 🙂

Here are some links, take your pick as to which one sounds like fun to look at:

Snow Coral – This is now officially the Snow Coral Games site. Originally, this is a site I made for selling custom tees and home goods designed by myself and my niece. The lifestyle store link in the corner is what that is. Megan is an amazing artist so I didn’t want to get rid of it entirely and I liked the site.

Google Playstore

Google Playstore Developer Page-

The Waterfront still under construction

We like to walk around the different neighborhoods and we decided to walk along the waterfront before it gets finished and the viaduct gets taken down. It’s mostly crowded with tourists and I was happy to see all the businesses quite busy.

Kat Crow – a handmade gift

I had this idea to make a crow for a friend out of copper. I had taken jewelry making lessons in the past and was pretty good at doing most of the items. Well, my memory of how I was was WAAAAAAY better than my actual skills currently. Thankfully, Frank is pretty awesome at doing all the things I couldn’t do. It was a pure team effort.

I designed it, Frank cut it out with the jewelry saw (that part shocked me at how bad I was at it now), I added the K everywhere, Frank soldered the loops onto the back and made it black. Kat can where it straight up, or like it’s flying upward either way. She can also use it as a keychain if she wants.  🙂



It’s finally filled in!

This was such a cute idea but it took FOREVER for it to fill in. I think the creators were forced to move it and it just takes time. I love it though! Congrats creative artist, whoever you are! A Roadside America link to a small history.

St. Thomas More Church – Artist Furniture

The St. Thomas More Church Furniture, a Catholic church, in Oceanside California. Stephen Hirt designed and fabricated the furniture with the exception of some collaboration from the liturgical designer from Texas, consulting on the tabernacle for the movement. I think that same liturgical designer did the triangular at the base, candles and Steve fabricated them

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The 2015 Recycled Art Show – now by Ballard Reuse

The Recycled Art Show was (is…it’s still up until next month) a little different this year.  The Ballard architectural salvage store was bought out by a couple of the employees and now partners with Seattle ReCreative which is a non-for-profit in Greenwood (scroll down for more on that). What hasn’t changed is that the art

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Ep2 is here! Blue Wave vs. Red Moon – Happy Time Celebrate

The theme for Seattle Minute Movies was “Remember”. I was going to do a different movie but for personal reasons and equipment failure (yikes), I decided to do something for fun only. It sort of goes with the theme? lol. [youtube] The movies were all fantastic (as usual) and what a fun night. We

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Blue Wave vs Red Moon animation – my first fight scene…

This was for Seattle Minute Movies held at The Seattle Film Institute. It’s a great place to see the talent in Seattle and to try new things.  Here is the link to all the movies shown last night: I started last week to do my minute movie (I should have started a month ago)

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-Japan day! No, for real…it was like going to Japan but in Bellevue…

It was such a wonderful surprise to find out that the Aki Mistsuri day at Bellevue Community College was great!  Our expectations were a little low (sorry) but again, I can’t recommend going highly enough!  I want to get a Kimono now so I can wear one there…a LOT of people were wearing one. They

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