MK Barr

Original LooLoos | September 1982

Director º Artist º Interior Designer

Movies & Animations

Directing º Editing º Effects

Hands in Prayer - Short

Seattle H20 - Short

Creative Control - Short

Right Advice, Wrong Woman - Short

Painted in the Desert- Feature

Vistas Beyond the Structure - Short

Beach House Jet Skiis - Short

Evolution of Transportation - Short

Blue Wave vs. Red Moon - Shorts

Sea Panda Guild - Short for Credits

Music Videos

Directing º Editing º Effects

Rap it like Yoda

by Ashley Carroll - Comedy

Rasta Sing by Nightwand

Solstice Parade 2014 - Compilation

Book I Dreamed I Read

by Human Cargo

Chaotic Noise - Indy Fan Videos -Live

Trapped in the Country (sketch)

by MK Barr

Wes Speight Live Paint

Winter Festival by MK Barr

Surfer Girl - by MK Barr & Helpers

Al Comes to Visit by MK Barr

Butterfly = Dream - Music by others

Asking Questions ?

Art, Visuals & Writing

Web Design

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Interior Design



Scale Model



MK Barr

O Director

O Artist

O Interior Designer

O Editor

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O Graphic Designer

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